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Knowing Where To Dig Avoiding Underground Service Locations

By Briton on 15-06-2022

We’ve all heard the saying that it’s better to measure ten times and cut once, than measure once and cut ten times. The same principle applies when you’re planning to erect a building, and you...

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How To Identify If You Have A Water Leak

By Briton on 10-12-2018

Owning a business keeps your hands full, and on top of this you have to worry about the state of your office building, and its maintenance. It’s easy to let this slip past ...

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How A Leak Detector Can Save Your Money

By Briton on 26-11-2018

A leaking tap one of the most annoying sounds on earth. However, this has an upside! By being so visible and audible, you’ll never miss it and can act to fix it right away. Not so much when it com...

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Understanding How We Use Thermography To Help You

By Briton on 10-11-2018

Much like an x-ray technology allows doctors to see inside a person to detect problems with bones, tissue and organs, infrared thermography is used by ...

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By Briton on 17-10-2018

Safety is a constant concern for any business that requires its workers to interact with equipment. It makes ensuring that your machinery is in perfect working order essential, although this is t...

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The easiest way for New Zealand businesses to slash their water bills and reduce wastage

By Briton on 09-10-2018

Did you know that every year New Zealand loses over  100 billion litres of water through leaks and wastage? This works out to almost a fifth of our national supply, and while household losse...

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Why Thermal Imaging is a Great Technology for Leak Detection

By Briton on 25-07-2018

If a plumbing expert suspects that a pipe is burst, then specific technology needs to be used to identify the area of damage. Thermal Ima...

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Your Meter Might Indicate a Potential Water Leak

By Briton on 28-06-2018

A water meter is designed to measure the amount of water that is used by a home or office. The public water system provides the water serv...

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Auckland Homeowners: Why You Should Always Call Before You Dig

A simple home improvement project can turn into a nightmare if something goes wrong. Whether you are working on a landscaping project or building a shed, you should always call before you dig. An ex...

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Hidden Underground Dangers

A seemingly harmless effort to plant a tree or place a post in the ground could turn into a disaster if you hit pipes or utility lines. If you are excavating an area and damage a water or sewer line...

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What Needs to be Done Before You Dig

At BRITON Detection & Inspection, we offer a range of services to help you identify the location of underground utility lines. Our services are designed to improve the safety of the excavation. ...

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