Owning a business keeps your hands full, and on top of this you have to worry about the state of your office building, and its maintenance. It’s easy to let this slip past you when you’re busy focusing on more important issues such as tax compliance and paying salaries. However not paying attention to your building could lead to a major issue like a water leak going undiagnosed. This can go on for months, and you’ll only find out once you’re presented with a massive water bill you’ll have to pay. It’s why water leak detection is a must for all businesses. Here’s how to identify if you have a leak.

Take Note Of Your Surroundings

You can’t detect a leaking pipe visually, but if you look carefully, your building will give you hints. When looking for leaks, look for visible signs such as a dripping faucet or running toilet as well as subtle symptoms such as brown stains on your ceiling and puddles outside your house that occur when there’s no rain. Leaks could also be in the piping of your wall, so look out for discolouration on your walls, peeling paint, and odours that indicate the presence of dampness.

Keep On Checking

Checking your water bill and your water meter is a foolproof way to diagnose if your building may have a water leak. This can also help you be more conscious of your water usage and allow you to implement systems that could reduce water wastage during your business day.

Locate The Source

Not all leaks are related to your home’s pipes. If it occurs during rain, it could be caused by blocked gutters that are overflowing and causing water to seep into your ceilings and walls. However, if the problem is found during dry weather, it’s most likely your pipes are to blame.

Call For A Professional

Once your suspicions have been raised that you may have a leak, you should act fast and call a professional. You don’t even need to know where the leak is because Briton Detection and Inspection will pinpoint it for you using high-end technology and fix by performing minimally invasive building repairs.