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With ever increasing man-made structures such as roadways, bridges, industrial facilities and more being built over and in our highly varying ground conditions, we are more often beginning to see sinkholes and cavity's forming and destabilizing infrastructure.

Whilst we are not overly prone to natural sinkholes, cavity's and voids from in adequately prepped grounds, failing subsoil and storm water systems and water flow are becoming more common. Briton Detection & Inspection takes a unique approach to the locating and inspection of voids below our infrastructure using our Aerial and Ground based Infrared Systems, our unique IR-HPA & IR-VPA system and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). We also use a range of steerable micro CCTV systems for visual inspection of cavity’s to allow consideration of pilot hole filling and stabilization, rather than excavation in certain situations.

Briton Detection & Inspection's combination of methods and unique approach provides reliable underground cavity detection and assessment whilst maintaining efficiency over large areas.


Pavement/Roading Structure Cavity’s

With an array of pipework such as storm water drainage, subsoil drainage, sewer systems and fresh water supplies situated below our pavements we are beginning to see more collapsing of our pavement structures due to pipework faults as well as natural occurrences such as sinkholes or under wash where pavement has been constructed over unsuitable grounds. BRITON locates voids before collapse using out Ground and Aerial Infrared systems & IR-VPA coupled with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).

Site Underground Void, Structure & Anomaly Investigation

BRITON provides investigation into the presence of underground anomaly over an array of challenging environments.  Combing aerial infrared and ground penetrating radar we identify potential areas of voids from unknown historic basements, poorly back-filled basements, natural sinkhole, drainage sinkhole old slabs and structure, areas of inconsistent fill, utility's.  We also  offer physical investigation works to confirm causes of anomaly located involving horizontal core drilling, air or hydro vac excavation, machine excavation as well as remote CCTV.

Culvert & Pipe Wall Voids

With many of our larger culverts being in place for many years now we are beginning to see the collapse of culvert structures or above grounds/pavement due to under wash eroding supporting material or surrounding grounds movement. Briton locates cavity’s behind culvert walls and also provides pilot hole CCTV for volume estimation to allow accurate grout filling of voids. The development of this highly specialized system allows for reliable stabilization of culverts rather than replacement, thus offering substantial savings for asset owners.

Briton Detection & Inspection services have been trusted to some of New Zealand's leading mining, construction and government origination's to deliver void locating solutions to many challenging situations.



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Underground Sinkhole Locating

BRITON was contracted to investigate a site for the presence of underground cavity's.  The operation involved Infrared and GPR surveying to identify the underground void created by historic mining works.  The successful operation identified a large void before a visible indication was present or worse a collapse.  Project completed safely, on time and on budget.

Image for Underground Cavity Locating - Northland

Underground Cavity Locating - Northland

Briton Inspection & Detection was contracted to locate unknown cavity's below the pavement caused by drainage faults.  Our unique approach provided accurate locations and resulted in a successful operation.  Our combination of or unique IR-VPA system and GPR delivered confidence in the non-invasive locating method.  

Mineshaft Capping Investigation

Our client required investigation into the position and integrity of a historic mine shaft capping in a reserve area.  The project involved Infrared Void surveying and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) works over the entire area.  The operation resulted in the identification of the position of the capping, angle of the cap as well as the accurate identification of  a void to the side and underneath of the cap which was confirmed when the client excavated the position.  BRITON's unique approach to the location of sinkhole and voids has provided an impressive track record to our council clients.

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