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BRITON Detection & Inspection provides a range of underground investigations and utility locating services to assist you with safe excavation and underground network works.

We are equipped with a range of equipment such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Electromagnetic locators (EMI) and transmitters as well as tracer cables and Sonde equipped cctv cameras. We are highly experienced on a range of, industrial, commercial, government and residential sites.

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Underground Detection Services:

Site Services Mark-out and Maps

Briton Detection & Inspection provides full site investigations to locate and map services as possible on your site. We locate power cables, water pipes, gas pipes, drainage, tanks and unknowns as possible. Our wide range of systems such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), EM cable locators, Electromagnetic Induction, Tracer rods systems, pipe cctv/sondes and live fire tracing cables enable a complete solution. We also provide scaled/measurement based maps or gps surveyed.

Water Pipe Tracing

We area equipped with a range of dedicated fresh water pipe tracing rods up to 200m and track pipes up to 3m in depth. Or high powered transmitter systems enable tracing of pipes through challenging terrain and ground conditions.

Farm Water System Mapping

Briton Detection & Inspection provides location and mapping of farm and agriculture water systems from single paddocks to entire property’s. Our high resolution image/scale based maps enable easy navigable way to find you system for years to come. We also provide isolation point installation during process if required.

Manhole/Cesspit locating

Using a combination of methods such as Ground Penetrating Radar, Tracer and CCTV we assist a to locate missing or not to plan cesspits.

Void & Sinkhole Location

We locate underground cavity’s, voids and sinkholes using a combination of systems as required consisting of GPR, IR and acoustic drop testing. Our services have provided accurate identification or voids in a range of challenging on and off road locations, see more www.briton/cavity.co.nz

Cemetery Mapping

Combining our underground detection services with our aerial imaging systems we provide location and mapping of unknown/lost graves. Our services enable identification of not only potential unknown graves but identification of clear grounds to enable maximisation of space.

Underground Storage Tank Locating

We locate underground water, sewer, stormwater retention and fuel tanks using our GPR systems.


Briton Detection & Inspection offer underground locating services in Northland, Auckland, Waikato and Bay Of Plenty regions to the Civil, Industrial, Residential and Government sectors. Dial Briton Infrared before you dig for all you sub surface detection and underground utility/service locating.

We adhere to strict H&S systems to minimize any risk when operating on your site. Contact us now on 021 779 588 for any inquiries.


Underground Services Mark-out - Auckland

Our client required all underground services to be located and marked out before trenching through a new service connections to rear of building. Project completed in time advised time line and exceeding customer expectations.

Image for Underground Services Mark-out - Auckland

Image for Underground Services Detection & Potholing - Hamilton

Underground Services Detection & Potholing - Hamilton

Our client required assistance to locate active services throughout site consisting of gas, power, communication, storm water and sanitary drainage.  With various redundant services scattered through site and no available as-built plans to work with made it a challenging operation. We assisted with potholing to confirm located services.  Task successfully completed in allocated time frame and another happy customer.

Image for Water Pipe Tracing

Water Pipe Tracing

Out client required us to trace and mark-out various areas of there beef farm to enable installation of isolation points and gain a better understanding of the water system on the farm.  We are equipped with a range of pipe tracing gear up to 150m to enable tarcing of a range of piping systems.

Water System Locating & Mapping

Our client required accurate mark-out & mapping of the underground water system at there site, including depth and scaled map.  

Using a range of methods consisting of Ground penetrating radar, Em transmitters/locators and pipe tracers, we accurately located and mapped the system including all connection points.  We then provided the required to-scale map of the system for ongoing reference.

Image for Water System Locating & Mapping

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