A seemingly harmless effort to plant a tree or place a post in the ground could turn into a disaster if you hit pipes or utility lines. If you are excavating an area and damage a water or sewer line, then it could turn into an expensive flood that results in the need for emergency services. Not only will the pipe need to be replaced, but you could be facing the headache of redesigning the landscaping due to the damages that occur.

Hitting a utility line could cut power to everyone on the block. At the same time, you could be risking the safety of yourself and your family. These issues are easy to avoid by calling an experienced team before digging in the yard.

There are thousands of kilometres of buried utilities and pipes in a single neighbourhood. These connections are vital to everyday services that are used by homes and offices in the area. Calling our team for assistance prevents the consequences of hitting one of these lines. You can avoid injury, property damage, utility outages, fines, and more.