A leaking tap one of the most annoying sounds on earth. However, this has an upside! By being so visible and audible, you’ll never miss it and can act to fix it right away. Not so much when it comes to your underground pipes, however. These leaks are dangerously silent, and if you aren’t in the habit of scrutinising your water bill every month for discrepancies, you probably won’t even know about what’s happening until it becomes a serious problem. If you have a pond on your property, then you’re at further risk for a leak. As detection specialists, Briton believes that you should contact a leak detector the moment you detect any discrepancy. Here’s how we’ll help you. 

Fuss Free Leak Detection 

Many of our clients admitted that they’ve suspected a leak for a long time but didn’t contact us as they assumed it would be a time consuming and complex job to diagnose the problem. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We use state-of-the-art technology to detect leaks without going near them. Our tools include: 

·         Infrared systems

·         Pipe inspection CCTV

·         Ground penetrating radar

·         Acoustic leak detectors

·         EMI locators

·         Tracer cables

·         Micro pipe cameras

·         Gas detection equipment

·         Custom IR-HPA and IR-VPA systems 

Armed with these tools, we go deep enough to get to the heart of the leak. These aren’t the conventional methods used by most companies. It helps us identify, isolate and attend to the leak quicker, saving us time and saving you money and without making a mess through digging and excavating. 

We’re leading Auckland leak detectors 

We’ve enjoyed great success working with home and business owners, government departments, industrial companies and even agricultural sites with leak detection. In one of our latest success stories, we were able to identify, remedy and repair leaks to an industrial property that was losing 170 litres of water per month! We were called in after several other efforts had failed and detected the cause in under 72 hours. Of course, the cost-saving started the minute we sealed the leaks. 

Don’t wait for your bill to rise or you water press to drop drastically before you take action. If you suspect an underground leak anywhere on your property, get in touch with us today.