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BRITON Detection & Inspection provides a range of solutions to enable structural inspection of larger items where conventional methods may be too time consuming or unfeasible to apply.

As well as providing natural Infrared Thermography services Briton Infrared is equipped with a range of high volume heating systems (up to 720,000 Kcal/h) and pressure systems to provide "lock-in” thermography methods on sealed or partially sealed units such as tanks up to 30000 m³.


Structural & Tank Inspection Image
Structural & Tank Inspection Image
Structural & Tank Inspection Image
Structural & Tank Inspection Image
Structural & Tank Inspection Image

Commercial Building Moisture Intrusion

Using both lock-in and natural Thermography methods coupled with evasive and non-evasive moisture testing methods we locate areas of moisture intrusion in commercial buildings to any scale. We also provide CCTV inspection of basement drainage systems to further pinpoint ground leakage faults. Briton Infrared is one of the few IR providers nationwide with systems capable of external inspection of multi-story building walls and large underground basements.

Tank Lining De-Bond Identification

With many of our lined chemical or product tanking reaching the end of life cycle the need to inspect and identify de-bond is increasing. While conventional internal holiday/spark testing is the best method to identify pin holes that have created de-bonding our external inspections provide a means of inspection of in service tanking for larger areas of de-bonding with little interruption to daily operations.

Hearth/Refractory Inspection

Briton provides inspection of hearths/furnaces for refractory tracking and leakage as well as monitoring programmes. Due to the many external visual restrictions on most hearth an furnace units we take a very systematic approach to provide relevant documentation for future comparison and monitoring For examples of previous hearth investigations conducted by Briton Infrared please contact [email protected].

Tank Sediment Inspection

We identify and map sediment levels (wall contact only) in a range of single wall tanks constructed in steel/alloy/fiberglass and composite. We also identify surface matter thickness product separation or film thickness under certain applications. Briton Infrared has provided sediment mapping services to some of New Zealand’s leading refining and mining entities.

Composite Structure Inspection

We provide Lock-in or natural infrared thermography procedures to locate delamination, voids and structural defects on small to large composite structures such as tanks, nosecones, panels and more, where conventional testing methods such as ultrasound may be too time consuming or in effective.

Marine Hull, Deck and Cabin inspection

Using both lock-in and natural thermography methods we locate delamination, osmosis, and rot. In hulls, decks and cabins. We also locate rust and corrosion behind hard to access areas of steel hulls such as area covered by fuel and water tanking, We also identify areas of structural modification in certain situations.

We employ or consult findings with certified structural engineers and industry professionals when required to ensure we provide accurate analysis and recommendations to our clients



Hearth Inspections - Tiwai Point/Invercargill

BRITON undertook in-depth Infrared inspections of 2x Hearths at NZ’z largest aluminium smelter.  The inspection was undertaken targeting refractory performance and efficiency and is to be used as a baseline for future monitoring of the refractory performance.  The operation involved 49 pre planed & mapped image positions per unit to insure accuracy of ongoing monitoring as well as auto hot spot tracking & custom Infrared system parameters to provide reliable & consistent ongoing analysis of the refractory performance.   Inspection completed on time with reporting supplied within 3 days of operation.

Image for Hearth Inspections - Tiwai Point/Invercargill

Pulp Drier Inspection - Ohakune

Briton Detection & Inspection recently completed Infrared Surveys of 2 x Pulp drier units to assist with planned maintenance works. The 3 story high units consist of a array of systems, oil fired furnaces, blowers and lagged pipework. The in-depth investigations were to access all lagging & insulation as well as electrical systems to help improve the safety and reliability of the units. Over 200 pages of reporting and recommendations were delivered within 4 days of works with all survey requirements, schedule and customer requirements met.

Image for Pulp Drier Inspection - Ohakune

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