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Electrical systems are critical to the operation of any industrial operation. Electrical Thermal Imaging can provide crucial information to improve the reliability and safety of your operation.

As an electrical connection or component begins to deteriorate it usually begins to generate excess heat, this heat is emitted in the form of infrared radiation. Using Infrared Thermography the thermal pattern can be analysed and calculations made to accurately determine the temperature and access the severity. This can often help to predict a failure before it occurs. Poor connections, faulty insulators, overloaded circuits, load imbalances and faulty mismatched or improperly installed components can all be identified to help you increase reliability and reduce the risk of fire.

We are highly experienced certified Infrared Thermographers and equipped with the best available IR equipment, enabling us carry out surveys across a range of industrial facilities and power networks.


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Leak Detection Image
Leak Detection Image
Leak Detection Image
Leak Detection Image

Switchboard Thermal Imaging Inspections

Switchboard thermal imaging is more often requested by many insurance providers, Briton Infrared are fully certified and provide reports to suit these requirements. We locate poor fuse and circuit breaker contacts, poor connections and faulty components. With hundreds of switchboard inspections undertaken we are the ideal choice for your next survey.

Substation Inspections

Briton Infrared is highly experienced in the inspection of HV Substations for power network providers and industrial operations. We survey all indoor and outdoor assets locating faulty insulators, poor joints, poor connections in control cabinets, poor buzz bar connections and much more. Our high spec equipment and IR experience enables us to provide a efficient, reliable service. Our range of survey experience over a range of industrial systems, environmental conditions and challenging sites has given us the ability to Id faults often missed by in house surveying.

Transformer Inspection

We identify poor connections, thermally imbalanced loads, internal connection faults, through body bushing faults, poor buzz bar connections, poor fuse contact, cooling issues such as internal cooler core blockage/gunk and oil level.

Electric Motor Monitoring

Large AC and DC electric motors aren't cheep, we offer full monitoring and trending programs where we keep track of winding and bearing thermal patterns as well as general rise above ambient trending. This service can save you thousands in catastrophic motor failure.

Industrial Electrical System Inspections

Regular infrared surveys of your site is a great way to assist in reducing unexpected electrical failures and in some cases fires. We are equipped to survey most aspects of your electrical systems from control cabinets, switch boards, lighting, wiring and cabling, switch gear and electric motors (note: every 10 degrees c above rating cuts motor life in half!). We locate loose connections, imbalanced loads, faulty components, overheating switch gear, overheating motors and motor bearing and winding faults, poor cabling in cable trays and much more.

HV Line Inspection

Outdoor HV line inspection pose big challenges for Infrared Surveyors. With hundreds of Km's of line surveys undertaken we know how to deliver results. Our cost efficient on and off road line inspections are undertaken with both production and high level of safety systems in place. With the use of our high resolution equipment and super long range lenses we can id even the most minor insulator breakdown or leakage and pin point poor cable crimps and joint lugs in hard to access off road locations. We can offer fixed price off and on road line surveys.

Link Box Surveys

With hundreds of link box inspections undertaken we can cost efficient inspections for urban link box inspection to power network providers. We check fuse switch dis-connector contact, fuse holders, cable joints and cable crimps for elevated temperatures and irregular thermal patterns.

Underground HV Fault Locating

Briton Infrared offers assistance with underground high resistance HV fault locating.



Image for HV Electrical Infrared Surveys - South Auckland/Waikato

HV Electrical Infrared Surveys - South Auckland/Waikato

Since 2013 Briton Detection & Inspection has safety carried out Infrared surveys on over 5000 units for one of Auckland's leading power network providers.  Our urban and rural inspections have enabled the well respected provider to improve reliability of there network even further.

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