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Briton Detection and Inspection provides a range of commercial, industrial and high-rise building inspections to assist with a range of issues and cater for various routine inspections your building may require. We incorporate a range of equipment such as infrared systems, pipe & shaft CCTV, moisture meters, pressure testing, UAV & mast aerial photography, and aim to be the complete solution provider.


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Building Moisture Intrusion

BRITON combines a range of traditional and specialized methods to investigate an array of commercial and high-rise building moisture issues. We combine various inspection and testing methods to deliver results such as, thermal imaging, moisture testing, vertical shaft and drainage cctv, aerial photography (UAV & Mast). We investigate and track leaks, locate hidden areas of mold, rot and defects, locate roof leaks, locate cladding leaks, locate underground leaks and more.

Electrical System Thermal Imaging

We provide electrical thermal imaging for you preventative maintenance and insurance requirements. 

Building Services/Utilities Inspections

Commercial buildings contain an array of hidden utilitys that often go overlooked during traditional building inspection, often with costly consequences. Briton Detection & Inspection offers tailored utility’s pre-purchase inspection to suit your needs. Inspection may include, drainage and internal down pipe inspection, Ducting inspections, Moisture Inspections. Roofing leakage inspection, Switchboard Thermal Imaging Inspection.

Service Shaft CCTV

BRITON Detection and Inspection is equipped to provide a range of shaft CCTV inspections to over 100m. We cater for shafts areas as small as 100mm diameter and up to over 2m + width cavity's with steerable high resolution systems and to over 100M depth.  Our systems enable inspection of confined space or areas where safety may be compromised or to increase efficiency of maned inspections.  We locate storm-water and sanitary down pipe leaks, portable and non portable water pipe leaks, sprinkler pipe leaks , cladding leaks general defects through service shafts as required.


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Roof Leak Locating

Briton Detection and Investigation was contracted to investigate roof and eve leaks and locate defects to enable budgeting and planning of roof maintenance.  The process involved internal inspection for leak points with infrared and moisture testing equipment, mapping of leak positions and inspection of roof cavity.  Followed by roof top defect locating with infrared and visual methods. All findings and recommendations were delivered to the client in a easy to follow, practical report. 

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Multistory Building Leak Investigation

Briton Detection & Inspection recently completed leak investigations and service shaft inspections to locate the causes of various leaks and report on defects for the long standing issues.  The complex project involved high resolution CCTV inspection of service shafts, infrared inspections and moisture testing, telephoto photography as well as heights and confined space works.  The safe completion of the investigation provided the client with accurate, practical information and conclusive results with evidence to the cause of the issues as well as identifying other defects in the process.  Final reports and results exceeding customers expectations and within budget.

Cool Store Moisture Issues

Briton Detection and Inspection was called to investigate on going moisture issues at the processing plant chiller rooms.  The process involved in-depth infrared inspection and moisture tracking works as well as study of design plans and potential water pathways.  Issues identified allowed the client to move on with remedial works as required and minimized destructive works in the building.  Reporting and results with three days of operation. 

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