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Image for Village Water System Testing & Mapping

Village Water System Testing & Mapping

BRITON was engaged to investigate water loss in a residential village hosting several hundred dwellings and many supporting facility's.  The project involved various stages and consisted of study and review of known asbuilt's and council plans, isolation testing and shutdowns and substantial GPR & tracer locating and mapping of the complex system.  The end results consisted of accurate loss testing of the system, correction of as-built pans and additional configuration plans to enable future troubleshooting of the system.    

Water Loss Investigation

BRITON Detection & Inspection was contracted to investigate a large volume water loss issue on a 14 hectare industrial property.  The busy site was loosing in excess of 170 Lpm and substantial works had already been undertaken to attempt locate the leak before Briton was engaged.  We undertook a strategic approach to the investigation involving full site audit and partial mapping of the 180mm mains and isolation testing.  Followed by IR,GPR and Acoustic works which enabled us to pinpoint the leak and have the position excavated and the leak repaired overnight.  Process exceeded customers expectations and provided huge cost saving immediately. Process was undertaken from start to finish of remidal works with 72 hours.

Image for Water Loss Investigation

Image for Leak Detection & Repair.

Leak Detection & Repair.

BRITON was contracted to investigate underground water loss and a residential housing complex containing 58 units.  The complex project involved various stages consisting of system loss testing, system mapping, mark-out and cctv/sonde pinpointing of joint and tapping band positions, isolation point installation, followed by acoustic and infrared detection works.  Once leak positions were located strategic excavation and pipe repairs followed by grounds reinstatement and site clean down.  The successful project resulted in the accurate locating and repair of 5 leak positions and provided substantial water loss savings to the client. 

Image for Multistory Building Leak Investigation

Multistory Building Leak Investigation

Briton Detection & Inspection recently completed leak investigations and service shaft inspections to locate the causes of various leaks and report on defects for the long standing issues.  The complex project involved high resolution CCTV inspection of service shafts, infrared inspections and moisture testing, telephoto photography as well as heights and confined space works.  The safe completion of the investigation provided the client with accurate, practical information and conclusive results with evidence to the cause of the issues as well as identifying other defects in the process.  Final reports and results exceeding customers expectations and within budget.

Cool Store Moisture Issues

Briton Detection and Inspection was called to investigate on going moisture issues at the processing plant chiller rooms.  The process involved in-depth infrared inspection and moisture tracking works as well as study of design plans and potential water pathways.  Issues identified allowed the client to move on with remedial works as required and minimized destructive works in the building.  Reporting and results with three days of operation. 

Image for Cool Store Moisture Issues

Pulp Drier Inspection - Ohakune

Briton Detection & Inspection recently completed Infrared Surveys of 2 x Pulp drier units to assist with planned maintenance works. The 3 story high units consist of a array of systems, oil fired furnaces, blowers and lagged pipework. The in-depth investigations were to access all lagging & insulation as well as electrical systems to help improve the safety and reliability of the units. Over 200 pages of reporting and recommendations were delivered within 4 days of works with all survey requirements, schedule and customer requirements met.

Image for Pulp Drier Inspection - Ohakune

Underground Services Mark-out - Auckland

Our client required all underground services to be located and marked out before trenching through a new service connections to rear of building. Project completed in time advised time line and exceeding customer expectations.

Image for Underground Services Mark-out - Auckland

Infrared/Aerial Water Pipeline Leak Locating - West Coast SI

After conventional water leak detection methods failed in locating a this moderate flow leak in a remote location 80's water pipeline at a depth of approximately 1 meter,  Briton Detection & Inspection was called to assist.  We successfully located the leak in the first hour of aerial survey works using our custom high res/high speed IR systems. The successful location of the leak provided instant relief to the mining operation.   

Image for Infrared/Aerial Water Pipeline Leak Locating - West Coast SI

Hearth Inspections - Tiwai Point/Invercargill

BRITON undertook in-depth Infrared inspections of 2x Hearths at NZ’z largest aluminium smelter.  The inspection was undertaken targeting refractory performance and efficiency and is to be used as a baseline for future monitoring of the refractory performance.  The operation involved 49 pre planed & mapped image positions per unit to insure accuracy of ongoing monitoring as well as auto hot spot tracking & custom Infrared system parameters to provide reliable & consistent ongoing analysis of the refractory performance.   Inspection completed on time with reporting supplied within 3 days of operation.

Image for Hearth Inspections - Tiwai Point/Invercargill

Image for Underground Services Detection & Potholing - Hamilton

Underground Services Detection & Potholing - Hamilton

Our client required assistance to locate active services throughout site consisting of gas, power, communication, storm water and sanitary drainage.  With various redundant services scattered through site and no available as-built plans to work with made it a challenging operation. We assisted with potholing to confirm located services.  Task successfully completed in allocated time frame and another happy customer.

Gas Leak Locating - Auckland

Our client had on going gas leak issues on site. we undertook pipeline mark-out as well as identification of other services throughout the area followed by late night IR and Acoustic detection to assist in locating the challenging leak.

Image for Gas Leak Locating - Auckland

Image for Underground Water Leak Detection - Auckland

Underground Water Leak Detection - Auckland

Water leak locating.

Natural Gas Leakage Locating - South Island

Aerial Infrared gas leak locating. 

Image for Natural Gas Leakage Locating - South Island

Image for HV Electrical Infrared Surveys - South Auckland/Waikato

HV Electrical Infrared Surveys - South Auckland/Waikato

Since 2013 Briton Detection & Inspection has safety carried out Infrared surveys on over 5000 units for one of Auckland's leading power network providers.  Our urban and rural inspections have enabled the well respected provider to improve reliability of there network even further.

Image for Roof Leak Locating

Roof Leak Locating

Briton Detection and Investigation was contracted to investigate roof and eve leaks and locate defects to enable budgeting and planning of roof maintenance.  The process involved internal inspection for leak points with infrared and moisture testing equipment, mapping of leak positions and inspection of roof cavity.  Followed by roof top defect locating with infrared and visual methods. All findings and recommendations were delivered to the client in a easy to follow, practical report. 

Underground Cavity Locating - Northland

Briton Inspection & Detection was contracted to locate unknown cavity's below the pavement caused by drainage faults.  Our unique approach provided accurate locations and resulted in a successful operation.  Our combination of or unique IR-VPA system and GPR delivered confidence in the non-invasive locating method.  

Image for Underground Cavity Locating - Northland

Image for Pond Leak Detection - Golf Coarse

Pond Leak Detection - Golf Coarse

Lined ponds pose may challenges once underground loss occurs.  Briton Detection & Inspection was contracted to assist with the locating of pond leaks at a large Auckland golf coarse ahead of the dry summer months where the irrigation system relied on the water supply.  The process involved underwater diving and installation of pipe air bags to block the balance pipe and separate the 2 ponds and enable accurate loss calculation, followed by GPR & IR works to determine likely areas of loss.  Then ponds where pumped out to enable locating of the defects for repair.  We also assisted with the irrigation flow and isolation testing during the operation. 

Image for Water Pipe Tracing

Water Pipe Tracing

Out client required us to trace and mark-out various areas of there beef farm to enable installation of isolation points and gain a better understanding of the water system on the farm.  We are equipped with a range of pipe tracing gear up to 150m to enable tarcing of a range of piping systems.

Water System Locating & Mapping

Our client required accurate mark-out & mapping of the underground water system at there site, including depth and scaled map.  

Using a range of methods consisting of Ground penetrating radar, Em transmitters/locators and pipe tracers, we accurately located and mapped the system including all connection points.  We then provided the required to-scale map of the system for ongoing reference.

Image for Water System Locating & Mapping