Much like an x-ray technology allows doctors to see inside a person to detect problems with bones, tissue and organs, infrared thermography is used by detection specialists to detect heat patterns within large machinery. This allows us to detect abnormalities and faults, structural issues and possible future problems when a machine is too dangerous/complicated to take apart or investigate closely. For leaks and faults that aren’t visible to the human eye, infrared thermography is the best way to diagnose and pinpoint a problem. Briton offers this service to businesses so that they can keep their investments working as they should, without compromising on output, safety and quality.

How Does It Work?

Thermal imaging uses heat to detect the energy patterns of an object. The technology is then able to convert these patterns to different temperatures and then project this in a picture format – thanks to the infrared camera. The different temperatures will reflect in different colours. By examining the picture, our experts can identify any problems that exist.

This is a highly accurate and precise way of detecting problems, but it can only be done by using the latest technology and possessing the necessary skills and experience to interpret the results accurately. With our vast experience in the field, it’s no surprise that we’re New Zealand’s No.1 provider of infrared thermography services.

By offering you this service, we help you attend to faults that could cause damage and cost you money. Our infrared thermography has been used for big projects like aerial gas leak surveys as well as high-voltage, mining, refinery and factory inspections. It’s not just big business that uses our services. We’re able to use infrared thermography for smaller companies and individuals too to help check switchboards or detect water leaks.

What Are The Benefits Of Infrared Thermography?

Using infrared thermography just makes sense. For starters, pictures don’t lie, as you can see the problem for yourself. There’s no damage caused by digging or searching for the problem, and you can save money by attending to the problem before it causes a major issue.

Let us help you. Give us a call today or get in touch with us online to find out how best we can use infrared thermography to detect and fix your problems.