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BRITON Detection & Inspection provides a range of pipe CCTV, Aerial and remote inspections services to assist in the inspection and location of faults or defects throughout buildings and infrastructure or provide general photography. We also offer a range of heights and confined inspections and works and all staff are fully trained, experienced and certified as required.


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We provide such CCTV inspections as:

Fresh water pipe CCTV

BRITON is equipped with dedicated fresh water CCTV systems to 120m for 32mm and up as well as smaller systems, all equipped with sonde locating to pinpoint defects and joint locating as required. We are also equipped with various fresh water pipe tracing systems to 200m and to depths of 4 meters. Briton also provides sectional isolation and pressure testing of fresh water systems.

Vertical shaft, duct and chimney CCTV inspection

Briton has a range of systems to inspect and locate issues with in high-rise building service shafts, ducts and chimneys. Our systems consist of smaller soft cable 50mm steerable head CCTV system to 120 meters as well as a custom large high resolution full remote operation system for shafts in excess of 1m diameter and as deep as 140m. We have a range of custom built booms and pulley systems to deploy the systems into difficult to access locations and our certified heights and confined space trained operators are fully equipped to access challenging rooftop and confined areas to undertake operations.

Drainage CCTV inspection

BRITON provides general drainage cctv inspection of smaller systems up to 150mm diameter and up to 50m in commercial & industrial & residential sites for fault finding and issue investigation purposes (Please note; we do not provide council works over reports). We also provide hydrostatic testing of drainage systems and drainage system leak locating as well as drainage system mapping.

Aerial UAV/Drone & Mast Inspections & Photography

Briton is equipped with an Align heavy lift UAV system which provides a stable platform for high resolution imagery. We are also have smaller systems for indoor and confined space or higher risk environments. Operators are trained and certified to part 102 standard. We provide aerial inspections/defect locating of industrial plant and equipment, rooftops, chimneys, buildings, open drains and other hazardous environments. We are also equipped with a 20m mast system with high resolution camera equipment for inspection and imagery where drone operations are unsafe or not permitted.

Confined Space Inspections

BRITON staff are trained, certified and experienced in confined space and gas testing. We provided both remote inspection with camera systems as possible as well as manned confined space operations to locate defects and carry out general inspections. Our through planning of operations and the use of remote operation systems where possible such as crawler cctv systems and rod cameras eliminates or minimises risk of operations. We provide inspections and investigations in tanks, under buildings, tunnels, service shafts, wall cavity’s and more.

High-rise Building Roof & Exterior Inspection

With many limitations to the use of UAV/Drone systems in public areas we are equipped to deliver inspection of building exterior using other methods such as or custom boom arm high resolution steerable camera system that is capable of deployment off the top of high-rise buildings or into larger shafts. Combined with our 20m mast mounted camera systems we area equipped to carter for a range of challenging scenarios. Our experienced, trained and certified heights trained technicians deliver quality & safety to our operations.

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