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Briton Infrared provides professional drainage, pipe and cavity CCTV inspections and investigations. We use the latest in CCTV equipment and have a range of systems to cater for various inspections from 10mm to 300mm. All operators are certified and experienced to cater for a range of applications.


CCTV inspections Image
CCTV inspections Image
CCTV inspections Image
CCTV inspections Image
CCTV inspections Image

We provide such CCTV inspections as:

  • Drainage/Storm water systems inspections, condition assessment, fault locating, blockage locating. Property pre-purchase condition assessment.
  • Drainage/Storm water location mark out, joint locating for additional system adding.
  • Fresh Water pipe inspection, locating and mark out. Joint locating for system tapping 19mm and up.
  • Void and Cavity inspection for volume estimation under concrete slabs, behind block walls and culvert pipes, bridge bases etc.
  • Air Duct Inspection for contamination such as rust, pests, or leakage confirmation.
  • Electrical Duct Inspection
  • Machinery confined space inspection such as internal boom cavity's, sealed steel structures for rust or structural defects, locating bearers etc.
  • Wall, roof and floor cavity Inspection for locating wiring, ducting or hidden hazards before construction or structural modifications.

Briton Infrared aims to cater for all your inspection and testing needs. We are the leaders in innovative inspection methods and adhere to strict health and safety systems to minimize risk when working on your site. All inspectors are experienced, certified industry professionals.

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