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BRITON Water Leak Detection are the leaders in innovative methods of underground leak detection, providing solutions to may challenging underground water loss issues throughout Auckland & Waikato regions.

We offer a complete services to cater to your needs.  We identify your areas of water loss, locate issues & leaks, followed by strategic excavation and repair of your underground leaks or implementation of systems improvements as required.

Unlike most plumbing providers who often primary specialize in building and above ground works, we employs specific qualified personnel specializing in the challenging world of underground infrastructure.  Our team consists of Underground Leak Detection and Underground Utility Location Technicians, Qualified Water System Engineers, Qualified Plumbers & Underground Water Reticulation Technicians

Our services are tailored to meet your sites specific needs and we are highly experienced on a range of sites from commercial, government (City wide NRW Leak surveys), retirement villages, housing complexes, shopping centers , schools, university's, factories and more.  We carry comprehensive Liability and Indemnity insurances, H & S Systems and current compliances to meet the most stringent requirements.

Our Underground Water Systems Services Include:

Underground Leak Detection (Specialised Acoustic Detection & Correlation/Logging equipment, pipe tracing, Aerial Infrared etc)

NRW Leak Detection Surveys - Mains Acoustic logging & City Wide Acoustic Surveys

Area Isolation & Loss Testing

Minimum Night Loss Monitoring

Water Systems Mapping (GPR Em, Pipe tracing, Fresh Water CCTV, Cad mapping)

Installation Of Water Meters & Chambers (Std & Smart)

Continuous Loss Monitoring

Tank Cleaning (Confined Space Certified, Vacuum cleanout, chlorination & water testing etc)

Water Sampling & Testing

Leak Excavation and Repair (Including in-house services detection, in-house concrete cutting, excavation, repair & reinstatement) 

Commercial, Industrial & Residential Underground Leak Detection

Underground water system leaks on residential, commercial and industrial property's can often pose unnecessary loss, cost and grounds damage. Often ground surfaces can be completely covered in either concrete, tarmac or hard packed aggregate or pipe systems encased in concrete walls and flooring. Leaks can often go undetected for some time before surfacing and often surface substantial distance from the leak source or not at all. Sometimes the only signs of the leak are increased water usage or pressure drop. Briton Infrared takes a systematic approach to locating system leakage involving system mark-out, pressure and flow testing and specialist detection/pinpointing.

Watermeter and Isolation point Installation

With many or or more well established underground water systems on larger sites such as retirement villages, schools and commercial operations needing repair works, modification or sectional replacement it is becoming apparent to many organisations that there systems were constructed with a substantial lack of isolation valves and area metering capability's. The installation of water mains valving and meters is often very complex, involving system tracing and configuration testing, identification of other services in works area, excavation and planed shutdown to undertake the installation. BRITON works with you to plan and undertake works to your requirements, we either provide complete service/project or work in conjunction with your plumbing provider.

Underground Leak Repairs

We provide a repair of underground water leaks or sectional mains replacement as required. Our services include concrete cutting and excavation, trenching & thrusting.

Pool Leak Detection

Briton provides a range of solution to assist with challenging pool leak issues. We have a variety of well developed methods and specialist equipment to locate in ground leaks, including capping, encased piping leaks as well as piping locating and mark-out and general CCTV down to 17mm. We also provide suction line pressure testing or divisional pressure testing to eliminate areas if required.

Watermain Replacement

Sometimes water mains have simply reached the end of there life-cycle or were unfortunately were constructed of inadequate quality or incorrect specification. BRITON provides water mains replacement for commercial, industrial and residential requirements.  

Water Pipe Tracing

BRITON is equipped with a range of water pipe tracing rods to 200m and dedicated freshwater cctv to 120m (25mm & up).

Pond Leak Detection & Repair

We investigate and locate leak issues with lined ponds, transfer and balance systems as well as related irrigation systems.  We utilize a range of different methods and approaches tailored to the application.  Commonly consistent of pipe capping (diving) and other isolation works,  Aerial Infrared, GPR wastewater as well as in water acoustic hydrophone systems.  We also off pond isolation, pump out and project management of repair works.

Underground Water System Mapping and Configuration Testing

Briton Detection and Inspection locates and maps water systems to any scale, from light commercial to farms and housing villages and government sites.  We Collect and review all current and available as-built's and council plans, then undertake works to non invasive or invasive investigation to actively track, locate and test configuration of you site.  We offer CAD based Aerial plans for integration into you existing GIS systems (Or supply and commission of your own systems) 

Briton Detection & Inspection offer underground leak services in Northland, Auckland, Waikato and Bay Of Plenty regions to the Civil, Industrial, Residential and Government sectors. Dial Briton Infrared before you dig for all you sub surface detection and underground utility/service locating.

We adhere to strict H&S systems to minimize any risk when operating on your site. Contact us now on 021 779 588 for any inquiries.


Image for Leak Detection & Repair.

Leak Detection & Repair.

BRITON was contracted to investigate underground water loss and a residential housing complex containing 58 units.  The complex project involved various stages consisting of system loss testing, system mapping, mark-out and cctv/sonde pinpointing of joint and tapping band positions, isolation point installation, followed by acoustic and infrared detection works.  Once leak positions were located strategic excavation and pipe repairs followed by grounds reinstatement and site clean down.  The successful project resulted in the accurate locating and repair of 5 leak positions and provided substantial water loss savings to the client. 

Image for Village Water Loss

Village Water Loss

Our client, having suffering long-term high water usage contract BRITON to carry out water leak detection works over there 6 hectare village containing over 120 dwellings and multiple complex buildings, irrigation and fire systems with pipe sizes between 20mm and 150mm  The well planned systematic approach by the team involved minimum loss testing, area loss testing, a full site audit followed by overground acoustic and acoustic correlation to pinpoint the leaks. Followed GPR works to confirm pipe positions and potholing to expose leak. 10 leaks were located within scheduled timeline and estimate. We continued to to excavate and repair the largest leak on the 150mm pvc main.  The client was so impressed with or works we we contracted to continue on another village with unknown loss.

Water Loss Investigation

BRITON Detection & Inspection was contracted to investigate a large volume water loss issue on a 14 hectare industrial property.  The busy site was loosing in excess of 170 Lpm and substantial works had already been undertaken to attempt locate the leak before Briton was engaged.  We undertook a strategic approach to the investigation involving full site audit and partial mapping of the 180mm mains and isolation testing.  Followed by IR,GPR and Acoustic works which enabled us to pinpoint the leak and have the position excavated and the leak repaired overnight.  Process exceeded customers expectations and provided huge cost saving immediately. Process was undertaken from start to finish of remidal works with 72 hours.

Image for Water Loss Investigation

Campus Leak Detection & Repair

After suffering long term issues with water loss, system configuration and location, BRITON was engaged to sort it out.  The site spanning over 150 acres with extensive buildings and intertwining historic and modern piping networks from 20mm PE to 350mm AC.  The project involved extensive system isolation and configuration testing, gpr & pipe-tracing, remapping and full leak detection surveying. Once the bulk of the loss was located over 14 underground leaks were excavated and repaired over a 6 month period, including 350AC repairs, tapping bands & valves, general punctured PE pipes, various corroded galvanized & copper pipe-works repairs etc.  From initial engagement to completion of first stage of leak repairs resulted in a 83% reduction in minimum night flow loss and substantial cost savings to the client.  Since completion of initial project we have continued to support the sites underground water system ongoing monitoring, repairs and maintenance.

Image for Campus Leak Detection & Repair

Dam Leak Detection - BOP

BRITON Detection and Inspection was contracted to carry out leak detection works for one of NZ largest Hydroelectric power providers.  Due to the level of complexity in the cooling outflow system and challenges involved to provide the necessary testing in the hazardous environments BRITON was the clients first choice to plan and undertake the operation due to not only our leak detection experience but our heights, confined space and gas testing certification, equipment and experience.  The project undertaken during a shutdown the the station and involved in-depth methodology, safety planning, gas testing and monitoring, manned confined space entry onto the large underground tank and other chambers, visual and camera inspection, followed by plugging and hydrostatic testing of the tanks, chambers and related 300mm pipework. The safe undertaking of the operation resulted in quantifying loss in different zones of the system and the location of the related defects causing the loss.  Project exceeding client expectations. 

Image for Dam Leak Detection - BOP

Image for Pond Leak Detection - Golf Coarse

Pond Leak Detection - Golf Coarse

Lined ponds pose may challenges once underground loss occurs.  Briton Detection & Inspection was contracted to assist with the locating of pond leaks at a large Auckland golf coarse ahead of the dry summer months where the irrigation system relied on the water supply.  The process involved underwater diving and installation of pipe air bags to block the balance pipe and separate the 2 ponds and enable accurate loss calculation, followed by GPR & IR works to determine likely areas of loss.  Then ponds where pumped out to enable locating of the defects for repair.  We also assisted with the irrigation flow and isolation testing during the operation. 

Image for Village Water System Testing & Mapping

Village Water System Testing & Mapping

BRITON was engaged to investigate water loss in a residential village hosting several hundred dwellings and many supporting facility's.  The project involved various stages and consisted of study and review of known asbuilt's and council plans, isolation testing and shutdowns and substantial GPR & tracer locating and mapping of the complex system.  The end results consisted of accurate loss testing of the system, correction of as-built pans and additional configuration plans to enable future troubleshooting of the system.    

Infrared/Aerial Water Pipeline Leak Locating - West Coast SI

After conventional water leak detection methods failed in locating a this moderate flow leak in a remote location 80's water pipeline at a depth of approximately 1 meter,  Briton Detection & Inspection was called to assist.  We successfully located the leak in the first hour of aerial survey works using our custom high res/high speed IR systems. The successful location of the leak provided instant relief to the mining operation.   

Image for Infrared/Aerial Water Pipeline Leak Locating - West Coast SI

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