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BRITON Detection & Inspection are the leaders in innovative methods of underground leak detection, providing solutions to may challenging underground water loss issues.

We provide a range of traditional and specialized testing and locating methods to assist with your water loss reduction endeavors such as aerial and ground based infrared, acoustic detection, acoustic correlation, ground penetrating radar, pipe tracing, micro pipe CCTV, and our unique IR-HPA & Pressure Testing System. We also carry out a range of system isolation point installations, flow meter installation for system testing and troubleshooting as well as excavation, leak repairs and reinstatement.

Ageing or failing piping systems over a range of , commercial, industrial, residential and government sites of all types and sizes pose many possible leakage or failure points in many challenging non-visible below and above ground locations. Generally entire piping systems do not fail even when aged well beyond design life and the practicality and budget restraints of replacing entire systems is unfeasible. Very often piping systems may contain multiple leaks. Not all leaks are detectable and not all leaks are the same, therefor the process to reduce your leakage may contain various stages such as locating/isolation/testing and detection. Briton provides all or partial stages in your leakage reduction process.


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Commercial, Industrial & Residential Underground Leak Detection

Underground water system leaks on residential, commercial and industrial property's can often pose unnecessary loss, cost and grounds damage. Often ground surfaces can be completely covered in either concrete, tarmac or hard packed aggregate or pipe systems encased in concrete walls and flooring. Leaks can often go undetected for some time before surfacing and often surface substantial distance from the leak source or not at all. Sometimes the only signs of the leak are increased water usage or pressure drop. Briton Infrared takes a systematic approach to locating system leakage involving system mark-out, pressure and flow testing and specialist detection/pinpointing.

Farm, Agricultural and Orchard Leak Locating

Briton Infrared provides a range of services to assist with leak locating in challenging outdoor and rough terrain environments. Our IR-HPA system provides effective locating of moderate to high low leaks in wet conditions and over large areas where conventional methods are unsuccessful. We also equipped with a remote mobile pressure testing equipment for sectional testing if required to track down low leakage areas as well as acoustic correlation and overground acoustic.

Pool Leak Detection

Briton provides a range of solution to assist with challenging pool leak issues. We have a variety of well developed methods and specialist equipment to locate in ground leaks, encased piping leaks as well as piping locating and mark-out and general CCTV down to 17mm. We also provide suction line pressure testing or divisional pressure testing to eliminate areas if required.

Waste water Line and Tank Leak Detection

Wastewater and tank leaks can often be challenging to locate. Whilst conventional methods of inspection such as CCTV will provide internal condition assessment it often may not pickup joint leakage or cannot tell if seepage is occurring from visible cracks. When appropriate ground conditions, line depth and leakage are present Briton is able to identify areas of concern using our IR-LPA system and GPR.

Lined & Unlined Pond Leaks

Briton Detection and Inspection provide assistance with pond water loss issues or offer from start to finish service to reduce you pond leakage. We offer loss testing & monitoring, infrared & ground penetrating radar investigations for underground water pathway/loss locating. We also provide pond pump-out and locating of wall wall lining leak positions using Ir and visual inspections. To further assist with integrity inspections of pumped out ponds we also offer transfer pipe CCTV and pressure testing if required.


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Village Water System Testing & Mapping

BRITON was engaged to investigate water loss in a residential village hosting several hundred dwellings and many supporting facility's.  The project involved various stages and consisted of study and review of known asbuilt's and council plans, isolation testing and shutdowns and substantial GPR & tracer locating and mapping of the complex system.  The end results consisted of accurate loss testing of the system, correction of as-built pans and additional configuration plans to enable future troubleshooting of the system.    

Water Loss Investigation

BRITON Detection & Inspection was contracted to investigate a large volume water loss issue on a 14 hectare industrial property.  The busy site was loosing in excess of 170 Lpm and substantial works had already been undertaken to attempt locate the leak before Briton was engaged.  We undertook a strategic approach to the investigation involving full site audit and partial mapping of the 180mm mains and isolation testing.  Followed by IR,GPR and Acoustic works which enabled us to pinpoint the leak and have the position excavated and the leak repaired overnight.  Process exceeded customers expectations and provided huge cost saving immediately. Process was undertaken from start to finish of remidal works with 72 hours.

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Image for Leak Detection & Repair.

Leak Detection & Repair.

BRITON was contracted to investigate underground water loss and a residential housing complex containing 58 units.  The complex project involved various stages consisting of system loss testing, system mapping, mark-out and cctv/sonde pinpointing of joint and tapping band positions, isolation point installation, followed by acoustic and infrared detection works.  Once leak positions were located strategic excavation and pipe repairs followed by grounds reinstatement and site clean down.  The successful project resulted in the accurate locating and repair of 5 leak positions and provided substantial water loss savings to the client. 

Infrared/Aerial Water Pipeline Leak Locating - West Coast SI

After conventional water leak detection methods failed in locating a this moderate flow leak in a remote location 80's water pipeline at a depth of approximately 1 meter,  Briton Detection & Inspection was called to assist.  We successfully located the leak in the first hour of aerial survey works using our custom high res/high speed IR systems. The successful location of the leak provided instant relief to the mining operation.   

Image for Infrared/Aerial Water Pipeline Leak Locating - West Coast SI

Image for Pond Leak Detection - Golf Coarse

Pond Leak Detection - Golf Coarse

Lined ponds pose may challenges once underground loss occurs.  Briton Detection & Inspection was contracted to assist with the locating of pond leaks at a large Auckland golf coarse ahead of the dry summer months where the irrigation system relied on the water supply.  The process involved underwater diving and installation of pipe air bags to block the balance pipe and separate the 2 ponds and enable accurate loss calculation, followed by GPR & IR works to determine likely areas of loss.  Then ponds where pumped out to enable locating of the defects for repair.  We also assisted with the irrigation flow and isolation testing during the operation. 

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