Inspection and Leak Detection Specialist New Zealand

Briton Detection & Inspection supplies a range of traditional and specialist non-invasive inspections techniques and technologies that provide solutions to many industry challenges throughout New Zealand.

Briton Detection & Inspection is equipped with a range of technologies consisting of high-end infrared systems, pipe inspection CCTV, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), acoustic leak detectors, EMI locators, tracer cables, micro pipe cameras, gas detection equipment and our custom IR-HPA & IR-VPA system. Our services are trusted by a range of operations consisting of mining, industrial, commercial, manufacturing, farming, marine, environmental & government.

We pride ourselves on providing accurate information and reliable results in the most arduous of environments. We committed to the ongoing development and progression of our unique services and to the safe undertaking of all our operations .


Briton Detection & Inspection supplies traditional and specialist inspection, detection and investigation services to New Zealand’s commercial mining, industrial, commercial, manufacturing, farming, marine, environmental and government industries. Using the latest techniques and technology, we provide speedy results you can trust to be accurate.

Our core services include Thermography and Thermal Imaging as well as Leak Detection. We also offer pipe, cavity and commercial building inspections. No job is too big, too small or too complex thanks to our arsenal of equipment, which includes infrared, CCTV, Ground Penetrating Radar and custom IR-HPA & IR-VPA systems. We also use the best acoustic Leak Detectors, EMI locators, tracer cables, micro pipe cameras and gas detectors on the market.

Need accurate information and reliable results for any of the below services? We offer:

INFRARED THERMOGRAPHY – We use infrared technology and infrared imaging devices to assess an object's radiated electromagnetic energy. This is used to detect leaks and inspect factories, refineries and any other large-scale high voltage project or equipment.

UNDERGROUND WATER LEAK DETECTION SERVICES – Increased usage or a pressure drop indicates a leak in your environments. We use remote mobile pressure and flow testing equipment to detect pool, waste water line and tank leaks.

UNDERGROUND SERVICE LOCATOR – Our underground utility locating services locate cables, pipes, gas lines, ducts, drainage systems and manholes so you can complete surveying, excavations or underground networking safely.

CAVITY / VOID DETECTION – Building a road, pavement, bridge, culvert wall or concrete floor slab? Our void detection services detect sinkholes, storm and sewer systems or subsoil drainage areas to prevent structural collapse risk and improve stability.

COMMERCIAL BUILDING INSPECTIONS – Inspect for moisture intrusion and roof cladding leaks or inspect or test service shafts and utilities for preventative maintenance or insurance purposes.

ELECTRICAL THERMAL IMAGING – Determine the health, reliability and safety of switchboards, substations, transformers, electric motors, HV lines and link boxes using electrical thermal imaging.