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Briton provides a range or specialized Aerial Inspections and Surveys, delivering solutions to challenging detection and locating problems. Our Aerial services have been used by NZ’s High Voltage network providers, Government agencies and mining entity’s.


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Natural Gas Leakage Locating

Locating natural gas leakage form NZ’s hugely varying terrain provides big challenges to NZ mining entity’s. Briton Infrared’s highly experienced certified Infrared Thermographers and high resolution real time equipment enables us to deliver results to leakage locating issues, nationwide. Briton Infrared has been involved with gas leakage locating solutions in some of NZ’s most challenging locations. We also offer ground based low level gas detection for conformation of leakage.

Pipeline Leakage Locating

Whether it is water, bitumen, fuel, oil, air, gas or any other material being transported via underground pipeline, Briton Detection & Inspection offers unique solutions to your leak locating needs. Our range of survey experience in very demanding environments has given us the ability to find solutions to many challenging pipeline leak problems. Aerial Infrared can provide fast coverage of long distance pipelines.

High Voltage Line Surveys and Fault locating

Aerial Infrared enables fast inspection of HV systems over difficult access or large areas of HV lines. Briton Infrared provides certified highly experienced Infrared Thermographers combined with high resolution IR equipment to insure no detectable fault goes unmissed.

Geological Surveys

New Zealand’s highly active geological environment is for ever changing and disturbing our environment. Briton offers fast reaction for environment disturbances resulting in the need for thermal activity assessment.

There are many environmental challenges involved with Aerial Infrared Surveying, our wide range of Infrared experience in many challenging conditions, combined with our real time high resolution Infrared systems enables us to deliver high end results as well as providing practical and easily interpreted analysis.